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The corporations of tomorrow depend on continued intelligent business practices and processes, intelligent feedback from multi-country offices for increased productivity and reduced cost of business operations.

What you need to know about Fynch Consulting is that we are a proven web application service provider (ASP) of enterprise applications including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and Content Management Systems (CMS).
We have developed multi-country marketing communications systems, online business plan systems, parts search and order systems, and integrating these systems to other accounting systems. These web-based technologies are adaptable to multi-country project management like clinical trails development or manpower resource deployment, and more.

Scope Planning

All our system developments take on an initial, very important Scope Planning phase. We immerse ourselves into your work processes to gain in depth understanding. This is where we can detect greater efficiencies opportunities to improve the business processes. In addition, Scope Planning gives us an understanding of client’s possible future business goals such that the system development may be able to cater for it.

Scope Architecture

We map out all scope, links, and processes such that a ‘pictorial’ plan is visualized so consensus and direction are clearly deciphered and approved before development is committed. This is a demanding exercise but is proven most productive in the development stage.