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Enterprise systems
Having far flung global resources working in tandem, with the same focus and timing is made easier with enterprise web applications.
At Fynch we have developed systems that connect distant resource centers around the globe to move in the same corporate direction. These systems ensure progress, processes, projects, branding, marketing coordination are flowing in the correct timing and purpose. Here are some of our past and current developments.
• Online Resource Centre – A marketing campaign sharing resource, multiple office project management (ticket system), information / brand updates, multiple country launch plans, buying & selling of stock, etc. Typically these systems are CMS and service maintenance supported.
• Online Business Plan – A yearly budget plan & actual comparison. Includes, economic outlook, sales targets, marketing programs, HR requirements, P&L comparisons, etc. Online archived yearly data give quick comparisons to better make business decisions.
• Online Parts Locator – Centralizes parts data for easier dealer/distributor search, order and shipment processes.
• Aviation Resources Management – Plan and manage pilot, cabin and ground crew duty scheduling to fulfill flights with the best alternative resources.
Online enterprise software is specialized and customized applications that require demanding development. Our development process starts with dissecting your business goals and processes, gathering user problems and expectations, solution detection, system implementation and implementation.
Our quality enterprise system solutions include and use full enterprise systems integration, managing contact center infrastructure, data centers, platform integration, network integration, proper enterprise management and more. Proper infrastructure design and planning is crucial when companies deal with fierce competition and when companies need to migrate from obsolete technology or when they streamline certain internal processes.